Operational Public Transportation

Citya uses data and technology to help municipalities, cities, and regions safely transport citizens where they need to go, whenever they need to, without being restricted to fixed schedules.

Convenient Transportation Solutions Through Data and Technology
Safer cities with fewer cars
Improving service accessibility
Citya van, the transportation service provider

Citya streamlines transportation for cities and regions.

Citya's technology is gradually expanding to more and more places in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland.
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Citya in Říčany near Prague
Citya helps in the Pardubice Region
Citya helps in Třinec

We're Addressing Poor Public Transportation Accessibility

Efficient and accessible public transportation doesn't have to be a problem. However, it requires planning, data, and technology to work excellently.

4,0 mil.

people in Czechia

Live in areas with poor transportation service. Public transportation doesn't meet their needs.

9,5 mil.

people in Poland

Struggle to use buses to commute from regions to larger cities for work, services, and culture.

3,4 mil.

people in Slovakia

Regularly have to get behind the wheel because buses either don't run or have limited service.

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Line transportation schedules don't respond to people's actual transportation needs. Services are inefficient and often underutilized.

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Long, infrequent route segments are planned only along major routes, leaving neighboring communities disconnected.

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The solution to inefficient public transportation is accessible shared demand-based transit using data and modern technology.

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Cities lack the tools and knowledge to efficiently operate customized transportation solutions.

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The current operation of suburban line transportation disproportionately disadvantages seniors and people with disabilities.

Where's the Problem?

Quality public transportation is a comprehensive service facing several major challenges today.

Limited Bus Service Hours

The biggest issue with public transportation accessibility is the inflexible schedules that do not respond to the real transportation needs of people in the vicinity of major cities. This forces them behind the wheel.

Poor Planning

Transportation planners today fail to harness the potential of 21st-century technology and do not respond to the actual transportation needs of citizens.

Rising Costs

Quality public transportation is not a cheap service. Instead of alleviating city budgets with technology and data, routes are canceled, and intervals are extended.

Wasteful Labor

Timetables are created laboriously, complexly, and operators often perform tasks that could be handled by a computer.

More Transfers and Fewer Lines

The complexity of the public transportation system affects parents with children, people with disabilities, and seniors the most, as they must plan their lives around the bus schedule."

Benefits of Citya Solutions

Citya's goal is to improve the accessibility of cities and the services within them, reduce the number of cars in municipalities, and efficiently finance public transportation.

Smart Algorithms

Optimization algorithms for route planning utilizing AI and dynamic routing.

Data and Simulation Work

Data-driven planning. We combine the best of fixed and on-demand public transportation.

Team of Experts

We are experts in operational mass transit, data and simulation models, and transportation planning.

How does Citya help?

Public Transport


We will get everyone to their destination within 15 minutes, thanks to data, transportation models, and route optimization based on current demand.

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City van utilized for essential services

Senior & handicap taxi


Our solution provides comfortable, stress-free transportation for the most vulnerable members of our society. Flexibly and at reduced costs.

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Every municipality, city, and region is unique. Our transportation analysis identifies current issues and suggests precise solutions.

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Companies and Employees


Enable your employees to commute to and from work comfortably, collaboratively, and economically, making their daily commute easier.

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SaaS Platform

Harness our technologies and maximize the efficiency of your existing vehicle fleet.

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Our services work across Europe

Dozens of cities, regions, and transportation companies trust us. Join those who want top-notch public transportation with Citya.

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Trusted by cities.


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Imagine a bus that you can summon to your door within minutes and fulfills its role for all types of residents. Families with children, seniors, and individuals with disabilities can reach the local store, the doctor, extracurricular activities, or the train station at a fraction of the cost.

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