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Power Demand-Responsive Transport in your city with Citya turn-key solution. Building efficient DRT, saving costs, and increasing ridership. All the while connecting the city with its suburbs.

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Innovating with strong partners

While reshaping mobility in cities, we are also supported as a trusted partner of the European Institute for Innovation & Technology and other mobility and technology initiatives to serve cities even better.

Grow coverage & ridership without growing costs

Demand-Responsive Transport has the power to reshape a fixed-route, cost-heavy public transport network into a flexible system that delivers more at the same cost. More for the residents, for the city, and for the environment.

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Better access to transit

Increase public transport coverage and fill in the service gaps in suburban and rural areas - where and when needed, with only as much capacity as needed.
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Enhanced efficiency

Replace or optimise low-ridership fixed routes with efficient demand-responsive minivans. Why not save costs while improving the service?
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Citya is built for intermodality. Complement the existing public transit network with a flexible Demand-Responsive Transport system to expand the service area.
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Know how & expert advisory

Make use of our expertise in service design and business planning, operations, user acquisition, and customer care. We’ll take care of everything from A to Z.

Mass transportation doesn’t need to be rigid and costly.

“Implementing Citya DRT service reduces costs by 60% compared to building a fixed-route public transport line.”

Martin Schaefer
Citya CTO & DRT Mobility Strategist
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Expand coverage

Fill in the gaps of your current fixed-route transit system by providing a flexible transport option for the suburban and rural areas.

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Optimise low-demand fixed routes

Replace underutilised and expensive fixed routes with reliable and cost-effective Demand-Responsive Transport.

Be ready for transit emergencies

Make your public transport system more robust by utilising Citya emergency call-on capacity in case of transit disruptions.

Provide reliable paratransit

Upgrade non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) to be on-demand - that equals flexible and efficient.

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It’s more than just technology

Citya brings a one-of-its-kind turn-key solution to cover all aspects of successful on-demand transport service. Our expert team and local fleet partners will take care of everything from A to Z. DRT can be a success in your city.

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Service Design

From complex analysis, mapping and planning, through simulation, to final design, we will plan a service that’s a perfect match for your city.

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Fleet Operations

We work with established local fleet partners to ensure ground operations are managed flawlessly and we are ready to launch anywhere, anytime.

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Deep Integration

We take multimodality seriously. Our open APIs enable us to deeply integrate the DRT service with your city or national travel planners and MaaS platforms.

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Performance Optimisation

We won’t only help you craft the strategy. We will manage all marketing activities to grow the user base. Completely hands-off for you.

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User Acquisition & Marketing

State-of-the-art algorithms coupled with our team’s expertise will make sure the service is top-notch quality and as efficient as possible. Why settle for less?

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Customer Care

Customer-centric and customer-care-centralised. All customer care is in the hands of our dedicated team.

Flexible & adaptable at every step

Whatever your city’s needs and desired involvement in the service are, don’t settle for what doesn’t fit perfectly. We’ve created three distinct cooperation tiers so you can be flexible and work with Citya the way you need.

Commercial DRT Service

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Service design to fit your city’s suburban transport needs
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Operations managed by our localfleet partners
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Access to all data

Closing Transit Gaps

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Service design to complement and optimise your existing transit system
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Digital & physical infrastructure sharing
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Operations managed by our local fleet partners
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Integration into the city’s mobility app
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Access to all data

Customised DRT Service

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A fully customised service built to fit your requirements
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Deep integration with the city’s ticketing system, travel planners, and MaaS
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Operations managed by our localfleet partners
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Subsidies for positive incentivisation and service adoption
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Access to all data

Everything to make DRT a success

We realise making DRT a success takes more than just a perfect service. Fitting the service within the complex city mobility mix and giving you, the city, visibility and all the tools needed to monitor and steer the service is equally important.

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Mapping / planning & simulation tools

Our state-of-the-art mapping, planning, and simulation tools and algorithms ensure you will increase coverage and ridership effectively and quickly, without increasing the costs. We’ll get it right the first time.

Full access to all data

Besides collaboratively establishing service KPIs, you will have access to our advanced data analytics & visualisation tools to monitor these. Get an overview of service operations and performance, utilisation of fleet and infrastructure, and how Citya is feeding riders into transit.

Multimodality all the way

Citya is not only about bringing a new, convenient mobility option. We go a step further - integrating DRT with transit and other available transport modes for an effective and sustainable mobility mix. And we’ve built the technology to enable this flawlessly.

Fast implementation managed by Citya

Implementing a new mass transportation service doesn’t need to take long months. Get DRT running in your city in a matter of weeks, with implementation managed by Citya.

Is Citya the right fit for your city?

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