Daily mobility to keep you in touch with the city.

With a smart on-demand mobility service, Citya connects the calm life in suburbs with pulsing city centres. Making everyday commuting convenient and hassle-free.

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Citya makes commuting easier than ever: with comfortable shared rides always on your fingertips.

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Transform your city into the place to be – with Citya on-demand, shared microtransit. Power DRT transportation with a single, turn-key solution.

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Fleet operators

Boost your business with Citya end-to-end DRT solution and make full use of your fleet. Discover Citya digital franchise and succeed.

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Commuting made easy.

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Experience the convenience.

Forget about lengthy walking, waiting or delays. Get your ride right where you are, exactly when you need it – and always on time.
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Stay on budget.

Rides with Citya don't cost more than your morning cup of coffee – because just as coffee, Citya was designed for your every day.
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Go green.

Share your rides in a hybrid minivan and save emissions every day. Protecting the planet doesn't have to compromise your comfort.

Download the app.

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Citya step by step.

Step 1

Find your ride

Request a ride in the Citya app and our state-of-the-art algorithm will find the best route with arrival time and price.

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Screenshot of a mobile app displaying a map with ride instructions.
Step 2

Board nearby

Walk to a Citya virtual stop - a few steps  from where you are. Hop on the electric minivan, say hi to your fellow passengers, and enjoy your ride.

Step 3

And there you go!

Get off just a few steps from where you need to go (or your transfer point) – and you've just saved quite some CO2.

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See you around soon.

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Can I book my Citya ride in advance?

For sure! You can pre-order and reserve your ride anytime in advance, just make sure you make your order at least 15 minutes before your desired pickup time. To make your routine trips absolutely hassle-free, use recurring bookings to be picked up regularly, always at the time you select.

How can I book a Citya ride?

Easily via the app. Your ride is always at your fingertips: enter your starting point and final destination, select how many seats you need (up to 6), and we'll find the best route for your trip. You can book your ride right when you need it or pre-order for later, no matter if you need it in 20 minutes or 2 days.

How do Citya rides work?

Citya brings shared or pooled rides connecting the suburbs with the city centre so that you can commute between home and work conveniently. But we're here also for your weekend shopping sprees, Saturday brunches, or just any other trip to the centre you may want to take.

How many people will I share my ride with? And what about delays due to the pooling?

Most times, you will share the ride with 2 other passengers. The maximum number of passengers sharing the car is 6 but often, you may be the only passenger and have the car for yourself. In any case, we promise that your ride will be super comfortable. Our cars were made for pooling: imagine a first-class train coupe with spacious seats and automatic doors for maximum comfort. No worries about the delays caused by other passengers pooling in – we've got that covered. We always estimate the time of your pickup and arrival to your final location considering both pooling and the real-time traffic situation.

How much does a Citya ride cost and how can I pay?

On average, one ride costs about 3-4€. We calculate the price for each trip individually, taking into account a base fee and the distance of the journey. You can pay as you go right in the Citya app – by card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or other local payment methods. And for even more relaxed rides, you can purchase a monthly subscription.

What are Citya virtual stops?

The virtual stops are simply pickup and drop-off points that we plan for your trip in the app. Instead of traditional, fixed physical stops with markers, we use convenient and easily recognizable public spots to board safely. But the best thing about virtual stops is yet to come: your starting and final location will always be just a few steps away from them.

Where and when can I use Citya rides?

CITYA operates in selected regions in and around cities that you can find directly in the app. You can book a ride from Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 8:30 pm.

Let's talk!

Would you like to see Citya demo, meet to discuss the solution or ask a question? Let us know how Citya can best help you.

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